Grand Tourney Food


Inn Steward: Lady Kathleen of Stonehaven and Lord Charles von Strausberg
Options for Main: Bierocks (Runzas), sausage rolls, chickpea curry pies (vegetarian)
Options for Sides: German potato salad, lemon white bean salad, and baked apples
And: boiled eggs and various dessert options
Drinks: water and ice tea

Local Restaurants:
C&M Cafe
Classic Cafe
The Hangout

Note: Mulholland's Grocery is temporarily closed due to a fire, they are rebuilding, but it is unlikely they will be done by July. If you want to pick up groceries, the closest stores are in Glenwood.

Additionally, Glenwood is about 15 minutes away from Malvern and has a plethora of delicious restaurants as well, if you're looking for something different.