Food and Feast

Inn will NOT be served! Please plan accordingly.


Feast Steward: HL Ysabel de la Oya

Projected Feast Menu
On The Table:
Bread (vegan)
First Course:
Soup of Spring Greens (vegan)
Various Pickles (apples, onions, turnips, and radishes) (vegan)
Savory Marrow and Cheese Cakes
Second Course:
Chicken stewed with onions and ginger
Wheat Frumenty with cheese (lacto vegetarian)
Mushrooms with garlic and chives (vegan)
Rye Break with Smoked Barley (vegan)
Third Course:
Pork and apple sausage
Kale and cheese pottage (lacto vegetarian)
Lentils with cumin, onion and garlic (vegan)
Black Bread
Fourth Course:
Stewed beef with garlic and onion
Turnips with leeks and lamb
Radish and cucumber salad (vegan)
Pea and Barley Bread (vegan)
Fifth Course:
Stewed apples (vegan)
Oak cakes with honey (vegan + honey)
Nut Treats (vegan + honey)
If you have any questions about the menu or allergens, please feel free to contact me at ysabeloya @ gmail . com
Local Restaurants and Other Options
There are dozens of restaurants within a 5 minute drive of site including sit down places, fast food, local sandwich shops, and more.