Our Officers

Baron and Baroness

Baron & Baroness

As Baron & Baroness, Our job is to lead and supervise the activities of the Barony. We are servants of the King and Queen of Calontir, and We represent them in Baronial matters when Their Majesties are not present.



As seneschal, I am the president and legal representative of the Barony. Whereas the Baron and Baroness are the head of the Barony for in-game affairs, the seneschal is the head of the Barony for out-of-game and legal affairs.


Lady Jorunna Refsdaughter


I am Lady Jorunna Refsdottir, a member of the Barony of the Lonely Tower. I am the Chatelaine. This means that I greet newcomers to our barony. I am here to assist folks find their way, answer questions, and introduce them to others who share their interests. Please see our calendar to learn about events, many of which are free and open to all who wish to attend. Feel free to contact me to find out more information or with questions about activities.


Knight's Marshal


Sir Michael Nymandus



                                          Knights Marshal

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As chronicler, I publish the Barony’s monthly newsletter, The Banner. I am responsible for collecting content for the newsletter from the Barony’s members, and I make sure that everyone who wants a copy of The Banner gets one — whether it be by email or snail mail. Do
Arts and Science Minister

Arts and Sciences Minister

Arts and sciences can include painting, crafts, cooking, fiber arts, and much more. As arts and sciences minister, it is my job to foster these activities within the Barony, to make sure that we hold classes and tournaments, and allow people to foster and showcase their talents in their respective arts. Do


Lord Gaius Cornelius Scipio Titianus

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