Armored combat is the quest to show the world through strength of arms the kind of person you are. Are you the swordsman who faces there foe with blade and shield or maybe the spearman who takes their opponent from afar. These are but the few choices of many you have to participate in this discipline.

Those that participate in this activity wear 16th Century or earlier armor to encourage a more medieval experience.  You must wear armor that covers the following parts of your body:

Elbows                  Kidneys

Knees                    Groin

Throat                   Head

In the SCA , we perform our Heavy Combat martial skills with weapons constructed from rattan. We choose this material because this does not break like a wood baseball bat but rather turns into pulp. We support the  the following weapon designs in combat

Sword                                                         Axe

Polearm                                                    Combat Archery (Crossbow/Bow)

Spear                                                          2-Handed Sword

Safety is our primary concern. You must be at least 16 years of age and demonstrate to an Heavy Combat Marshal that you can safely use the weapons listed above to their satisfaction. For more rules and regulations regarding Heavy Combat please see the below link to the Kingdom of Calontir Heavy Combat Handbook

For any questions please contact the Knight's Marshal.

Heavy Combat Handbook (10/7/2019)




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