There are a variety of fiber art activities happening!

There are many local artisans who enjoy teaching their craft and sharing their love of fiber arts.

Some of the local populace are fond of preparing materials to spin. They acquire raw materials, clean and wash it, assemble all the necessary equipment, spin it , and produce threads and yarns in preparation to use in the making of components for medieval life.

Some enjoy using the threads and yarns for weaving on a traditional loom to make yard goods. Others have smaller looms to make narrow wares, either using tablets/cards or what is commonly called inkle. Some also use tapestry looms to weave.

Others are keen on using the threads and yarns to knit, nallbind, lucet, kumohimo, or a variety of other methods to make fabric or cords. Some delight in using the yard goods and narrow wares to create the clothing we wear to events.

If you are interested in any of these activities, please do ask around! The local populace gathers several times monthly for various activities and you will find people there who share your interest, or who are willing to answer questions or teach. You can’t attend a gathering, you may also ask on the baronial or kingdom facebook groups. There are lots of people willing to assist!

Please contact the Minister of Arts and Sciences for more information.